About us

For a long time dogs have been with humans, sharing love and memory together. I suddenly remember my dog I had when I was young. Whenever I return home, my dog was a thankful friend, who would always wait for me. I believe you came to us to adopt a new family. We do our shots according to our schedule. To families who wish to adopt puppies under 3months, I’m sorry but we cannot help you. They are too young to have finished even the most basic shots and we decided long rides on the plan could be dangerous and thoughtless, for 3 months old to go through. We ask understanding with this issue.
We truthfully state all our puppies’ status and health. We always state the correct information and always do our best, so that families could adopt a healthy puppy and try to do better in the future.

Puppies are living creatures and they need care as much as a baby. Depending on the environment puppy’s size and weight can change. For the sake of health of the puppies, please give only the required amount of food. More information click here. There are many misunderstanding about teacups. Teacups are either runts born between two normal sized parents or puppies born under a lot of work and effort of breeders who breed the breed smaller and smaller. Teacups or mini sized puppies could be healthy, but sometimes not. So that’s why we only put up puppies over 3 months old for adoption. Sometimes we have puppies that are too small, if so we take care of them until 7~8 months of age to make sure there is no problem before adoption. This is because they are too small and we want to make sure they are strong enough to go overseas. Mini is usually dogs that are 4 to 5 pounds fully grown. Teacup is usually means puppy will be 3 to 4 pounds. Micro is a word we use to describe puppies to be between 2 to 3 pounds.


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