ADVANCED TRAINING FOLLOW, STAY Part 4 [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale] 40%


Your dog must know how to do “sit”

With the leash on start the training.

1. Say sit to your dog who is beside you.

2. Say “follow” as you take a step while you are tugging the leash.

3. Now your dog will walk with you.

4. Compliment him

5. your dog might go a little too fast or little too slow, tug the leash until you are walking side by side.

As you advance you and use the same way to do go through legs, turn left or right, etc.

Before you do so your dog must know how to do “Follow” tell him to Sit and do the training all over again. Keep doing this until they learn what you want him to do.

NOTE: compliment him a lot so that your dog could enjoy training and this will help your dog learn faster


when you say stay remember to use a different tone because your dog will confuse with sit and stay.

When you say “STAY” remember to say it softly and slowly. Do a stay signal to help this training.

Now sit your dog next to you, your dog should be on a leash.

1. Walk slowly do all action slowly, do not excite the dog

2. without sound stand in front of your dog keep your leash up and say “stay”

3. if your dog starts to move say “NO! SIT” and your dog will sit.

4. keep your dog 5~10 sec. You can enhance the time as you train him

5. If he succeed compliment him.

6. If your dog starts to obey you without the leash start to take a few step backwards remember to signal stay and say stay.


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