Sign of Dog in Heat part 2 [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale] 40%

When is best to breed your dog?

Dog is most likely give healthy birth Females advice breed when she is about 2~2.5 years old, it is safe to do it at their second period until they are 5~6 years old. Male can start to breed when they are 11 months but let give him at least 2 years before breeding.

Because if you count their age with human age, breeding on their first period is around middle school to humans. So… no, I don’t advice it.

Like humans dogs also is dangerous to give birth early, remember if your dog goes into period than, yes they can get pregnant.

Four steps of Female Heat

First Step

There is not blood, yet. There will be lots of pheromones so there will be a stink, goes to pee a lot and their genitals will swell. This normally happens 5 days before the period.

Second Step

This is when the heating start, there will be blood, and their genitals will swell even more like 2~3 times more. The amount of blood different between dogs, some may not even bleed, just watch their color, first it has to be red than light red and slowly the blood will be more of mucus-like-liquid coming out. It goes on for like 10 days, until than the female will not accept male, it is after 10 days will they mate.

Third Step

The first day of the 3rd step males will start to get on top of the female, it’s the time the female will accept males. There can be a small amount of blood but color should be light. Slowly the genitals will be less swollen and even if you touch their bottom they will behave like it wants to mate. This goes on for 4 days this is the time you can breed.

Fourth Step

All the signs will disappear if successfully breed she will be pregnant.


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