Coy Cute Beautiful White TEACUP Maltese for Sale [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale] 40% sale


Sex: Male
Health care: Shot still on progress according to schedule
Price: $4700
**When we send pups we take delivery payment but it different within countries and provinces so please first email us your location and we will reply the exact payment.
Age: 8.21.2012
Character: When Coy first came into my arms I thought he was a she. He has a gentle nature in him. He never once barked or cried. But always looking at me waiting for me to call him. He’s shy but not when he’s on my lap he would be naughty which is so very cute.  He has a cute habit of napping inside his food bowl.
Physical Looks: Round big eyes and extremely long eye lashes
★★★★☆ four and a half star coat; Fluffy white & beautiful
Size: 1kg (2lb)
Ace will probebly be TEACUP SIZE
Size Chart
Weight and fully grown size differs from what environment they are living

All Questions is replied ONLY by email:


New Pictures updated 2013/01/09



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