[My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies For Sale] Mating part 1


Giving Male Dog Fee

Active male dogs wants to mate in heat. The way most breeders make money through Male is the stud fee. Paying to mate might sound awkward to normal pet owners but it’s normal for breeders to use this as their income source, so they could breed better dogs.

Usually it depends on their stud age and health but breeders mate them once a week if done too many their pregnant chance drops. Also their health would too.

Best Way to Breed Dogs

The day of breeding, breeders will starve their dog and let them empty their waste take them to a quiet place to do it where there aren’t any bitch around. Give them plenty of rest and store energy. Get someone who is the profession in breeding or at least Good at it. Sometimes when Bitch’s Virginia is too narrow the male’s genital get stuck.If the bitch is correctly calculated the heating date you wouldn’t have this problem.

Allowing two dogs to naturally breed has high chance of failing to mate. Because female dogs could get scared of the male or get hurt. Sometime during mating female would suddenly change their attitude and attack the male. So it’s wise for the Female dog’s owner holds the dog’s head and Male dog’s owner hold female’s legs in one land and another the male.

If the first day didn’t go well try again tomorrow and not in a roll.


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