[My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies For Sale] Mating part 2

Female Dogs

After mating there is high percentage your bitch is pregnant. After mating keep your dog in a quiet place and careful not to get illness of any kind. So no new food or rough exercise.

  • 1 week :No rough exercise or Bath
  • 2 week: Nipples of your dog will get harder
  • 3 week: Your dog will puke and lose appetite.
  • 4 week: Your dog will gain weight
  • 5 Week~6 week: Belly will become bigger and bigger
  • 7 week: You can feel the puppies inside the belly when touched
  • 8 week: You’re dog movements will become dull and milk will come out
  • 9 week: Congradulation will your new family members!

When pregenacy fails

Even if you did everything correct there are times when pregency fails.  Sometimes even if your dog is not in heat there will be signs that your dog is. If bleeding timeing is long or if there is yellow liquid coming out I suggest you go to the vet immediately you could have seen first signs of cancer, or infections of any kind.

There could be problem with your dog’s breed ability you should go check on that too.

But don’t worry, most is just the natural pregenacy fails. It’s never easy for us to get pregenant same goes to dogs also.


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