Finding Stud, breeding your dog part 2 [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale] 40%

Paying stud fees

All paying fees is usually paid by the female, because they are the ones who will see the puppy. It’s important to do it before hand so that there wouldn’t be other problem getting into your way when you breed. If you had read my writing when to breed your dog, you will remember there are steps when to breed, after the period you have within 10~14 days to get this breeding done. So it is important to finish all the booking before hand.

You will give your female to the male’s house before the mating days at least before 2~3 days. Breeders will breed the two dogs,

NOTE:  So, 10~14 days of breeding time + the time you have to give your dog to the male house it is about 12~16 days. Do all the transaction before the 12~16 days of breeding.


All fees is chosen by the male by their dog’s quality. When you do the payment recite is not enough you need breeding papers exchanged that has the date of breeding and the payment. Also it must include what you trade with the breeder. Because sometimes they would take puppies instead of the fee. It must also has contract about what will happen when only one puppy successful given birth and about who will choose the puppy first and what about chooses of puppies sex.  All this needs to be well stated on the contract.

Happy Breeding. More question plz comment


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