[My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale] Recording Breeding Proceedure

Before you breed your Dog


Before you breed your dog what you need to get ready for is when will your dog give birth and the caring part. For example if your dog gave birth at March April~May is the time you will have to take care of the puppies, However if your dog give birth at December you have to take care of the puppies in the cold days of January and February.


So planing is important. Make sure you dogs that is bread is clear with skin infection and warms


Planning the date


When you get ready for breeding your dogs planning the date is important


  • After the bleeding count 10~14days that’s when your dog is best for breeding. At this time your dog has at least 65% of chance of successful pregnancy
  • For more better result go see a vet with 7 days after bleeding. Mostly Vet would see the dog and give a test. These test is about 60% correct. Another way is testing hormones which has higher accuracy.
  • After 3 step of heat within 2~3 days it when they bleed than calculate 11~13days where it is perfect for breeding. You must also calculate Egg cell last about 4 days and Sperm last about 2~3 dyas. So when your bitch starts to accept male dogs after 2~3dyas is the best time.
  • Sometimes some dogs go into heat without bleeding. This can be tricky you must go see a vet or professional breeders they need Smear test to see when to breed.




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