How To Train your Dog, Sit, Lay down PART 3 [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale] 40%

When to start?
You can start this training when your dog is about 5~6 months old.

Before you start you must know what a chain leash can do.

When training make your you have your dog chained. Because with this chain easily control your dog’s  behavior and it is an easy way to let dog know he’s doing something wrong.

NOTE: make sure it loosen when you do not pull if it stays tight you might choke your dog.


There are two ways Physically and Non-Physically


1. shape your hand as if you are holding something.

2. your dog will show interest on what you are holding and will stay to sniff

3. move your hand behind your dog’s head

4. your dog will do the motion “SIT”

5. When he successfully done it say “sit”

NOTE: compliment him if you succeed. 

If non-physical way don’t work it’s time to take out the leash.


1. With the leash on pull the leash upwards

2. your dog will stay

3. gently push down his bottom and make him do the motion “SIT”

4. Say “SIT”

If you read my first part of the training you will know after your dog succeed compliment him. Keep doing this constantly and give your dog some time between training so he wouldn’t get bored (dog’s have low concentration so don’t do it so long) or worse be scared


After teaching your dog to sit it’s time for him to learn to lay down.

1. Say “Sit”

2. your dog will do the motion “sit”

3. pull the first legs of your dog

4. your dog will do the motion “lay down”

5. say “Lay Down”

Compliment him and soon or later your dog will know what you are saying.


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