Finding Stud, breeding your dog part 1 [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale] 40%

Finding mate

unless you are looking for cute puppies and increase of family members, finding a mate can be important. You want to find a mate that has all the potential perfect or at least better dog than you have now. It’s also wise to find breeders or professional that can help with the procedure. Especially small-sized breed than to have hard time breeding if their mate size is bit bigger or smaller.

What to be careful when finding a mate

First find out if you can breed them. Know the mate’s parents even their grandparents so there isn’t any inbreeding.

NOTE: inbreeding is breeding between close families, usually breeder breed this way to keep the dog’s potentials even to their puppies. But there is a price, your dog’s may have genetic issues that could do harm.

Second, see their health record even do the blood test. You don’t want genetic illness passed down to your puppies.

Third, your mate should some what have the potential your dog has so that it can be pass down in a higher percentage. Find the dog that has the potential of your dog that considered good, and less of those you see bad.

Fourth, Character is important. You don’t want short-tempered puppies destroying your house.

Most importantly check the dog yourself, see their size, their character, even their body ratio.


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