Signs of Dogs in Heat part 1 [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale] 40%

Dogs in Heat

First Heat?

Small sized dog is mature faster than Larger sized dogs. So you’ll find small-sized dog go into heat faster. Small sized dog go into heat about 6~8 months. Large dogs go into heat about 8~12 months is normal however most go into heat about 10 months. It really depends on the dog’s breed and size but if fast it come around after 6~7 month, normally around 8~9 months, if late 14~15 months. So if your female dog’s period doesn’t come even after a year don’t fear, just give a little more time.

First signs in heat

Females will go into period

Males when out for a walk will go around the neighborhood marking his territory and would get on to doll or people’s legs or arms doing the ‘mating motion’ and want to go out for walk often

Heating Periods

Once your dog gets pregnant it takes about 2 months before labor, once in labor your dog has 6~7 months before the next heating period. Some people can say dogs give birth 2 times in 1 year however this is not possible. Often the next heating period come around 8 months so you can say your dog gives birth 3 times in 2 years.

What to watch out!

When your dog is in heat they would want to get out of the house more and be very nervous and has a stink called pheromone. This smell will draw in other dogs and since dogs do mate with their own parents and brother you must be careful. Keep your doors shut and give your female dog period diaper to keep your house clean.


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