First Step to Training your Dog. PART 2

So Training.
To live with any pet you must teach them to behave or it will be hard to control them later on. This is important if your dog is a large size breed. Later they’ll be trouble maker.

Teach your dog name.

This is something they will naturally learn. Keep calling them their name with bright and happy voice. Call them name when playing, Call them name when it is time to eat.

When you first meet your dog keep eye contact and talk to them. Call them their name and talk to them. It might seem stupid at first but more you do more smarter your dog will be.

Remember compliment them and love them as you call their name. Later on the dog will do the same and give eye contact and read your mind as you did when they were young.

Soon they will know what smile and frown is and will behave depending on your face expression.

Dog and Dog Leash

It is always hard to teach them to get used to a leash because…well I’ve spoiled my puppies too much.

Well first to get used to the leash give them a soft and light collar first and let them play with it on. Give it a day or two and when you think your dog is ignoring the collar’s existence its time to teach them to walk with you.

Be with them and they will less likely be uncomfortable with the leash. Start walking and the dog will start walking also.

If you wish your dog to walk side by side with you (this is useful to large dogs, you don’t want them to close-to-attack to young children of your neighborhoods) slightly pull when your dog walk too forward.  Your dog is likely to stop. Give it a time and start walking again and if your dog start to go too fast give another slight pull. Keep doing this and soon your dog will know what to do.


Keep on schedule

To get your dog to go potty on time. So that you don’t have to wake up middle of the night always schedule everything the same.

When training other things like sit, stand, etc. give it a time. Do not do it too long, do it for like 5~10 min. 2 times every week.

Be Constant

Constant is the keep to training. If you are caring one time and ignoring the other your dog will be confused what you want him to do. Also to make your dog remember and not forget, REPEAT. Keep Repeating until they get it.

Be Patient

Your dog it like a child, it take time for young children to learn manners, dogs is like a child they need time and the time is different between dogs. Be patient.

React Right Away

For training to work is to react right away. for example if your dog did something right compliment him right after he did it. If he didn’t do what you said say “BAD DOG” right away harsh and cold.

Remember your dog although can’t talk they could feel what you feel. If you are frustrated or angry they will feel that and be afraid. Your dog should not be obedient because they are afraid of you they must be obedient to be loved by you.

Be Positive

Always make they training happy! so that you and your puppy will both have a good time.

Training your dog and how well he does it all depend on you!


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