First Step to Training your Dog. PART 1

Start training as soon as you can. Give them a daily scheduled that will change little from time to time. Give food on steady timing and see if your puppy is giving you any sign of having to go to potty.

Behavior Clues
– running around in circles
– scratching the door
– sniffing here and there when there’s nothing to sniff
– Any type of signs that shows of worry

If you see any of these sign it’s time for you to take out the dog and place him where you want him to putty.

Wait, and after successfully finished, compliment him for a long time and bring him back. Keep doing this until your dog understand if he potty where you want he’ll be complimented. Of course young puppies have hard time acknowledging it. If he does I would slightly give a slight hit on the muzzle however I do not do this often I usually ignore and pick up my smell remover and clean it.

What I do often to train my dog I would place in a cage and wait for him to do the job. After than compliment him and let him go.

When to get your dog to go potty?
Early morning when you dog is awake
-After a nap
-When you return home and the dog was all alone
-After eating (ALWAYS!)
-Before bed
-Anytime he give a behavior clue

For the first time owner it might be hard. That is why puppies are hand full. You must be with them for the first training.


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