Albin Cute Beautiful White Micro Teacup Maltese for Sale

Albin is in the arms of beautiful family where he will be loved and cared for.

Thank you.


Sex: Male
Health care: All shot are completed. Has two undescended testis
Price: $19000 $16000

**When we send pups we take delivery payment but it different within countries and provinces so please first email us your location and we will reply the exact payment.
Age: 9 months
Character: Albin can’t stand without a human company. He would always beg to be held or sleep on your lap. It took awhile for him to get adjust sleeping not on the bed with us. He just has so much love inside him. He is what we call ‘Micro teacup’ smallest Maltese I’ve ever seen.
Physical Looks: Adorable big round eyes Doll-like-face
★★★ Three star coat; they are long but not as fluffy compared to the breed standard. (so not much hair lost in summer)
Size: 900g (1.9lb) Fully Grown Micro Teacup
Size Chart
Weight and fully grown size differs from what environment they are living

All Questions is replied ONLY by email:



2 responses to “Albin Cute Beautiful White Micro Teacup Maltese for Sale

  1. Thanks for the info. One of my neighbors had micro teacup puppies for sale. Their really cute and all, but I can’t stand the size. Those tiny dogs are so hard to keep track of and are so yippy that it wouldn’t be worth it to me. My wife might want one though. Then I could put up with it. You know, for her.

    • Sorry for the late reply, Teacup puppies are small, but not all dogs are yippy and hard to keep track I guess it depends on their character
      Like Coy for example, he can be overwhelming excited when I bring out the treats or so, but most of the time he enjoys lazy out on top of my lap.
      On the other hand Ace, has all the energy a big dog has.

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