How to know if your dog is sick

Illness could happen anytime but if you notice it, you can endanger your dogs.

These are the few signs you must never ignore.

1. Lost of appetite

2. Sudden lost or gain weight, Even Long turn lost or gain of weight

3. Laziness (Yes depression or gain of weight cause this) and refusing to exercise

4. Drinking large quantity of water

5. Check their disposal. Their color, quantity(Too much mean something wrong inside the intestine), Moisture(Diarrhea or Constipation? or worse bloody)

6.  Vomiting

7. Hard coughs and drooling

8. Rough fur

If you see any of these symptoms keep on eye and see if this continues. It’s hard to say it lost appetite when they only skipped one meal. It on eye but please don’t freak out. If you think there is something wrong check your dog’s temperature. Get a thermometer and rub gel and slowly put it  inside its anus. Just about 1/3 inside and wait for 2 minutes. Hold on to the thermometer or sometimes it would get sucked  inside. Healthy dog’s temperature is from 38℃ ~ 39℃(100℉~102℉
). If  your dog’s temperature is either high or low go to the vet immediately.






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