“Common Sense” Dog Health Care [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale]

We all want our dogs to be healthy and well cared for until the very end. Not only because illness is costly but also because no one wants their beloved family to be ill.

1. Find a Family Vet

Okay what is a family vet? Well, I call them family vet because they know all of our dog since birth. I took time listening to neighbors about vets here and there, researched online for reviews if there are some. After all that, I take my dog for shots. See how they handle my pups, gentle and care and their price, if they are treating my dog as their income or a patient.
Good thing about having a well-known aka family vet they have all the records of health since young and this information helps when my pup gets dangerous diseases. Also, the record help what shots I’ve done and miss, and so does the vet. They would occasionally remind me and tell about dangers threatens my pup and what I should do about it.

2. Feeding and Work out

Feeding just the right amount and the right kind is important for the dog’s health more info click here.

A healthy dog are alert and playful which result of need of exercise. The amount varies with what breed the dogs are. For example, retriever is a hunting dog. Hunting dogs is a breed that needs to exercise and lots of it. They’ve been breed consistently to move around outside for 12 hours. So if this breed of dog does not get enough exercise than it could cost their health.
Their amount of exercise is all over dog breed information website.

Next I’ll talk about checks you could do at home without having to visit the vet part 1, part 2part 3part 4


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