“Common Sense” Dog Health Care part 4 [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale]

Next is down to the feet and claws

If your dog constantly licking the feet or limp across the living room there must be something wrong. See if there are cuts, unknown material dangling around the fur or see if it is swollen. If there’s nothing wrong by the appearance try pressing it gently and see if there  is pain. If something’s wrong remember to visit the vet.

Remember always keep your dog feet clean and make sure there isn’t sharp objects or any objects at all stuck inside the feet.


Your dog’s feet and claws needs maybe not daily but regularly.
Important thing about claw health is keeping it trimmed. When you start to hear claws hitting the ground every time it walks  than it’s time. Never use scissors this really scares them and I almost could have heart their eyes because they started wiggle.  Please use pet claw clippers for their safety.
When you clip their claw be gentle and firmly hold their feet and cut only little bit not too much you might cut their skin and cause bleeding. There is no pain cutting the claws but not the sensitive pink part.
However, if you cause bleeding use baby power or tissue to stop the bleeding.  If you are do this the first time ask a vet for help.

Next part I’ll talk about other parts of the body part 1, part 2part 3part 4


2 responses to ““Common Sense” Dog Health Care part 4 [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale]

    • There’s not must information you gave me but if I try to think why it means its his way of showing affection some of my dog does that too.
      If you have anymore information it could help me give you advice

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