“Common Sense” Dog Health Care part 3 [My Teacup Story / Teacup Puppies for Sale]

Now you know how to take care of their eyes and ears

How about their teeth and gums?

Around 4~6 months baby teeth will all be exchanged to adult teeth. So when you find small teeth beside your puppy chewing toy please don’t be surprised. Just pick it up and throw it away so  that your puppy won’t accidentally eat it. When checking for problems gently open your dog’s lips (no need to open the jaw) and see if there is any pain when slightly pressing each teeth and no food stuck between.

Now check for any adult teeth with change of color, if not white it should be ivory, see if there is any cavities or broken or lost  teeth. Also check the gums if it is swallow like a hump (this to indicate an inflammation), or gums that lost color. Any of these signs mean your dog’s teeth is not healthy.
For pups who need their adult teeth to grow, try giving a toy to chew on so the baby teeth will fall out.

Now, going onto the next problem which is brushing it. I use the dog chewing biscuit for cleaning because I have too many to give them a toothbrush everyday.
But for families with one or two, maybe three dogs I advice you brush your dog’s teeth. Brush their teeth not their roots do it since young and they won’t give a fight.

Next part I’ll talk about other parts of the body part 1, part 2part 3, part 4


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