All about spraying your dog. When and Why what we need to prepare [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

Why Spray dogs?

Spraying: To neuter a dog means the removal of part or all of the reproductive organs, rendering that animal incapable of reproduction. To spay refers to neutering a female dog, whereas to castrate or simply to neuter refers to neutering a male dog.

If you have no planing to breed or take responsibility of enormous about of puppies than its wise to spray your dog. Reason for that  is for once sprayed its much easier to handle your dog or care for your dog. Especially when you live among a packed neighborhood problems like howling because of mating season, dogs in heat could run away from home, and bit another person or ignore. These problems could be prevented by spraying your dogs. Yes… I know some  believe it’s not right, but I believe the commitment of taking care of your dog till death is more important.

I’ve seen those dogs in the shelter longing for love they lost and dogs waiting for another owner or put to sleep so other dogs can come in. After all that memories of sad round eyes muzzles trying to get a warm loving touch from a stranger I can’t stand but make responsibility my highest priority when sending my puppies to another home.

When to do the surgery?

It’s wise to talk with your vet first exactly when to do it. However, if I put it straight; Do it before adulthood.

Other Benefits 

When male goes in heat they won’t run around go over female, no howling, gentle characteristic (male’s hormone is known for aggressive behavior; this includes humans also), closer relationship with dog owners. As they age  this surgery can prevent prostration and with females they wouldn’t bleed and prevent all illness that has to do with their uterus and their breasts.


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