Puppy illness [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

I learned that health for our beloved puppy is not something that it just happens by its self. Through a painful experience of my first Golden Retriever died from my lack of knowledge I research everything about puppy health I could get other than the knowledge in medical school.

What I realized is that like all babies puppy equally needs care while growing in order to ensure health as adult dog.

So, what dangers is my puppy exposed to?

Contagious Disease

1.Distemper: HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS; this virus attacks puppy’s respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system. This virus is from adult dogs that have not had the annual shots. The first symptom of this virus is fever, drop of appetite, lot of tears and depression.  If this virus infect the nervous system there can be permanent damage.

2.Infectious hepatitis:  HIGH DEATH RATE; This virus flows within the blood vessel and infect Endothermic cells(cells inside the puppy’s body). Without shots the puppy has a high death rate because when it start to show symptoms it usually is the dangerous stage.

3. Leptospirosis: HIGH  RATE  OF PERMANENT DAMAGE; fast spread through  urine and nose of an infected dog. First signs of this diseases is high fever, lost of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea.

4. Para-influenza: HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS; also known as Kennel Cough, is highly contagious. If your puppy have this virus s/he will make suffocating sounds with hard coughs.

5. Parvovirus: LATENT PERIOD VIRUS; Not only it has a strong contamination but its early symptom is hard to detect. Some times it suddenly appears and the puppy can die within 24 hours. Younger the dog the more dangerous.

6. Rabid: CAN SPREAD TO HUMANS; This virus attacks  the nerves and cause dehydration by diarrhea and vomit. Also cause high fever and depression. The dogs will hide in the dark alone and easily excited and will bite anything  they see. This virus can be prevented by shots. MUST DOES!

7. Corona Virus: HARD TO TREAT; This virus symptoms is diarrhea and vomiting and high fever. This highly contagious  virus attacks the digestive system. However this virus it’s hard to find the cause. Because most of the symptoms is complex to identify the puppy must go to the vet. So all shots is required and if there is a problem go to the vet immediately. Faster you do the faster the dog could get better. Remember to record all shots your puppy had, bring that with you and show the vet. This helps!

Parasitic diseases
Internal parasites

1.Warms: MOST COMMON; One of the most common internal parasites it could contaminated through placenta from mother to puppy so after adoption visiting the vet is important
when sever could cause slow growth, vomit, dehydration, pneumonia, etc.
medicate at the age 2 weeks, 4 weeks,6 weeks, and 8 weeks

2. Hookworm: parasites at the small intestine and cause tiredness, lost of apatite, black liquid dung. If serious Blood lost from the blood leak in the intestine.

3. Flatworm: live at caecum and colon  cause diarrhea and infection

4. Heartworm: live around the heart  and cause dyspnoea, lost of strength, cough and could die. It is infected by mosquitoes and must be fed the med that prevent such illness.

Skin diseases

Another easily caught illness but also something human’s can be infected so we must look carefully at these symptoms. Daily care and interest is needed.

1. Demodicosis: Live around the follicles cause usually around young adult age especially short-haired puppies. Not much itchiness but lot of dandruff and around the face, belly and feet has rash.

2. Scrabies: Cause irritation and muscus(liquid from moles) this cause lot of tangles in the hair.

3. Otodectes cynotis: Brown dots will appear around the and cause lot of itchiness and smells real bad.

4. Flea: Cause irritation and allergy from bits, litter and liquid from the fleas. Needs Flea exterminate shampoo and house cleaning.

5. Dermatophytes: Fungi type of skin diseases shaped round and cause hair lost. Around the hair lost has pink dandruff or no lost of  hair with lot of dandruff all over.  Usually seen around the face, feet, tail, etc.


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