Fifi’s endless waiting [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

Fifi was first seen in front of a old blue gate.

Filthy and tired. Fifi walked in movements slow as if depressed but eyes was focused on to something. As people close in Fifi move away but refused to get too far from the the gate.

When the alley got quiet Fifi laid down again and endlessly stared the alley as if waiting.

The owner of this blue gate died in January. The dog have been there since.

Feeling too much attention Fifi disappeared under the gate.

Inside the rusty gates is a house cold and empty. Broken here and there. Lots of weed growing here and there. Inside the house Fifi laid there helplessly looking only one thing; the blue gate.

At that moment as if Fifi decided to do something, he quickly passed under the gate and started walking fast and stop in front of shops as if looking for something.

Fifi always goes to the same place. His owner’s favorite shops.

Fifi walked and walked stopping same places every time.

Soon tired Fifi returned home and waited whether it rained or snowed.
waited for his beloved owner whom never will come back.

Fifi and his owner was very famous around the avenue where ever the owner goes so does Fifi. When his owner has to work Fifi would sit and wait patiently for hours.

When his owner was starting to tremble Fifi raddled the blue gate so loud the neighbor came running. He was that smart.

Those two was always there for each other in hard time. Looking after each other for more than 10 years. Being more than Best Friend -Son of the owner-

With grief and tired of yearning Fifi walked into the room sniffing the scent of his owner’s shoes. He slowly limped towards the bed and laid down for the day dreaming nothing but those blue gates to open and finding his beloved owner standing.

The son of Fifi’s owner came feeding and gave him water to drink but Fifi would not let him come close. For months Fifi never open his heart to anyone. Fifi waited and waited the endless waiting.


Fifi was rescued. When people started to close in Fifi stood still with acceptance. He was gentle not fighting but just didn’t want to leave the house.

After rescue Fifi was taken to the hospital he had a big hump under his ear but it wasn’t malicious hump so after care. He can go straight to surgery

Unfortunately, because of owner’s son’s current environment problems, Fifi is currently waiting for a new owner until than living under good environment and care.

Writer’s Note:

Dogs are animals who cares nothing but love and bonding. We must return this unconditional love with care and respect! Dog’s are not toys or an ornament.


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