Dog feed [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

For dogs to live long they must have a cared for in health, exercise and rhythm but also most importantly their meal.

Dogs are really carnivores tamed by human made them into omnivorous. Since they are really meat lovers the dog’s main energy source is animal protein. Therefore, people food does not fit dog’s digestive system and sometimes could cause damage. Dog sense of taste is different from people’s so thinking dog food has no taste is wrong.  To have a healthy dog Nutrient Balance is important.

What is dog feed?

Dog feed has all the nutrient the dog needs so it like a ‘perfect food’ for dogs. So just by giving dog feed is all the nutrient the dog needs.
So if you decided you’ll feed them with dog feed is wise to give it since young so the puppy as it grow up will not reject it later on. There is a lot of types most known brand with various type with the specific need is the Royal Canin; male dogs, adult dogs,  puppy, old dogs, small dogs, big dogs, obesity dogs, etc. there are many types carefully choose that fit your dog.

Well but if you thinking more of organic food (because of antiseptic) There’s all time loved Natural Balance.

But seriously there are so many brands

Maybe I’ll write a post about it later…haha

NOTE: Never switch dog feed so suddenly. When chosen a dog feed than you shouldn’t change it often or not at all. If you change dog feed your dog might lose appetite, vomit and diarrhea. So if you have to change it slowly mix it with the current dog feed slowly… First mix it ratio 5:5 than 2:8 like that. 


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