Basic Infomation about Dog Shots [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

Shots are important to all dog owner who wants a long living healthy dog. Knowing what they are and when to do it is something we should all dog owners must do.

5 Types of DHPPLs (that’s distemper, hepatitis, para-influenza, parvovirus and leptospirosis )

Distemper (D)
Measles are highly infectious to the puppies respiratory, gastrointestinal, and it could even invade the dog’s nervous system. With these infections the puppy is most likely to die. When infected the symptoms are high fever with lost of appetite and tears and gums around the eyes.

Hepatitis (H)
Hepatitis is highly infectious virus that invade into the blood vessels and the liver. When infected the symptoms are  fever, edema, and bleeding occurs. Most are sever infection and puppy may die.

Para-influenza (P)
Para-influenza is highly common, dangerous viral and highly infectious. Early symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea does not appear immediately. Young puppies are more dangerous to this disease and higher the death possibility rate. Even the sick or dead puppies from infection can be contagious, so be careful. Sometimes the virus will onset suddenly and the puppy can die within 24 hours.

Parvovirus (P)
Parvovirus is reason for infectious bronchitis or kennel corp diseases. This virus is highly infectious and spread through respiratory system; so by air. The disease symptoms are fever, runny nose, tonsillitis, harsh coughing as if choking and if these symptoms continue 7-8 days may show signs of pneumonia.

Leptospirosis (L)
This fast and highly infectious virus can be spread through dog’s pee, runny nose, spit, etc. Early symptoms are high fever and lost of strength, lost of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. Even if cured from this virus there will be long-term damage to the kidneys.

Etc. dangerous infectious diseases
Corona virus
This virus attacks the stomach and digestive system. Symptoms are vomiting, dehydration from diarrhea and high fever
This virus attacks not only dogs but humans and all animals with central nervous system that could cause death. Early symptoms are drooling, enjoys the dark, high excitement, seizure and bits everything it can. As disease become severe paralysis come and finally death. This virus must be vaccinated.

Now you know all about disease and some may scare you. Next thing you need to do is scheduling the shots.

  • 1st shot: Age 6 weeks: DHppL + Corona
  • 2nd shot: Age 8 weeks: DHppL + Corona
  • 3rd shot: Age 10 weeks: DHppL + Kennel Cough
  • 4th shot: Age 12 weeks: Dhppl + Kennel Cough
  • 5th shot: Age 14 weeks: DHppl + Rabies
  • Rabies shots: Age 3~4 months: Rabies
  • NOTE: DHPP should be re-administered at 1 year and then every three years thereafter.  Rabies shot should be taken every 6 months


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