Basic First Aid for Dogs [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

No matter how careful you are with dog’s safety you can’t cover everything when your dog is very curious and runs around, s/he may easily get lost or be in trouble.

Heat stroke

In a hot summer day if you close all the door your dog could get heat stroke. First symptoms are high rate of blood pressure, heavy breath, drooling, turning red around the eye and gums, and fever. If severe dog will vomit. Now if these symptoms occur your dog might go into coma, you must first cool your dog. Give it a cold bath or  use your hose and spray water. Even if you do this permanent damage could happen, go to the vet immediately.
Heat stroke can be most deadly to dog breed with small muzzles like English bulldogs


Most dog get toxic things (Human Pills, HerbicidesAntifreeze) and get addicted. If your dog ate toxic things show the vet the things the dog have eaten.
If you show the item your dog ate than it will help the vet what he needs to do. If you can’t provide the item than take your dog immediately to the vet and your vet will help your dog by making him vomit. To make him vomit Diluted hydrogen peroxide or vomiting pill will be given.

When Drowning

Most dog love swimming and can be great one too. However, it can be a problem to young or smaller dogs. When your dog lost conscious inside the water you must bring your dog out of the water and hold your dog by the hid legs. You need to get rid of the water in the lungs. After that pull out the tongue so it won’t block the air and give hard push on the heart (it is located under the rib bones). Push and wait. Push and wait. Do this until your dog start breathing again. When pushing down please don’t break your dog rib bones. If your dog still not breathing, then you’ll have to give it a respiration. Pull back the head and let your dog mouth cloths and put in air through the nose.

Car accident

When your dog got hit by a dog the pain can be very much frightened. There could be damage on the outside and the inside, but first you must take your dog to the vet. The shock could intimate your dog to bit so you should tie the muzzle.

Next you should give the scars pressure or cover it in order to stop the bleeding.
Under the damaged area put something hard. Use jacket or car floor seat to move your dog gently to a vehicle. Than go to the vet and try to calm your dog as much as you can. He scared as you are.

No body want your dog in a dangerous situation but it’s important you can help ‘in a correct way’ when your dog needs you.


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