Finding a Healthy Dog [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

English: Chihuahua puppy

English: Chihuahua puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When choosing a dog the most important thing to consider that it is at least 2 months old. To first adopters at least 3 months old so that there isn’t any health problems that could lead nothing but pain and lost. (believe me I’ve been there before you don’t want to go through it)

When given a lot of puppies:

  1. First look at the most playful puppies: fast moving and good reflects when another puppy wants to play
  2. Puppy with curiosity: when you approach see which come first for a sniff of a unknown smell and show curiosity
  3. First to run towards you: when called see which come first to smel and lick your hand
  4. Fattest is the best: when held feel if they have enough baby fat and round and fatty

NOTE: you should hold as much dog as possible. Feel their bodies if you can easily touch their bone they are either underfed or ill. However, if the puppy’s belly is strangely round and huge it could be parasites or infections.

Looking at one puppy:

  1. Eyes: makes sure there are no substance hanging and no tears but clear and smart looking eyes
  2. Nose: Black and shiny and wet nose (not drooling wet or dry)
  3. Mouth: No signs of vomit and inside should be pint and teeth white and no smell(smell indicates vomit or digestive problems)
  4. Ears: No black dots inside or terrible smell (dogs could easily get ear infections, please check these)
  5. Fur: No dandruffs or any skin allergy, check for lost of hair on particular place. Make sure the fur is shiny and clean
  6. Anus: Must be clean and not red or swollen and if there is fish smell than it might have melena or any types of infectious disease

I know….really could they really give you puppies that sick? Yes…unfortunately for money.


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