All about Yorkshire Terrior, Dog show Standered Potential [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

Yorkshire Terrior Standard Breed Information

Yorkshire or Yorkie is one of the most beloved breed around the globe. Its beauty and active personality give joy to all family and a favorite pet to be with. Its sensitive senses and intellect makes a good companion, its brave and bright personality brings light into your life. How can you resist such a cutety?

Foundation of the Breed:

19th century yorkshire was a mouse hunting dog in poor farms or in the mines at that time yoki was bigger in size than it is today. In 1870 yorkie was officially acknowledged as a breed by the name Yorkshire Terrior.

To become the look of it is today breeders mixed Manchester Terrior, Sky Terrior and Maltese making yorkie smaller and fur more soft and thin. As time go by Yorkie successfully breaded into silky sparkly fur in an adorable small size. Such beauty made a nickname “Moving Jewel”.

Standard Looks of Yorkshire Terrior

Head (skull): Small and smooth Overall. No forehead should pop out on the head and not overly round
Head (Face): Black Nose. No long muzzles. Teeth should be straight upwards, so no sticking out of the mouth and such and eyes not bulging out or big, size just right. Around the eyes are dark. Ears should be small (Not huge) and a size of V and not so far away from the eyes.
Neck: Naturally upwards
Body: Compact
Back: horizontal
Tail: Medium length and it is covered with a lot of silky fur and it is the darkest point of the body located bit higher than the back it should be straight upwards and tail should not be oversized.
Legs (front): legs should be golden tan (No mixture of colors) each end of the fur should be lighter
Legs (Back): Knee should be bended a little should be covered with golden tan and the end of each fur is bit redder than the beginning and the color does not go over the knees.
Feet: Round and foot should be black (Not PINK)
Fur: No Waves and it should have a silky light reflects it should have a silky soft not wool soft. Around the ears and the muzzle the fur should be long but the neck doesn’t grow long and the head and the neck should not be mixed with tan (only Gold color)
Color: A is the correct color Yorkie should have. Yorkie only has one color so no such thing as golden or white black yorkie. Don’t be fooled!(If they do have these color they are mixed or has pigment genetic error(illess))

Weight: the “STANDARD” weight is 3.1kg (6.8lb)


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