All about Pomeranian, Dog Show Standard Infomation [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

Pomeranian Breed Standard Infomation

This breed is becoming more popular as time go by, its unique posture and great concentration, active characteristics and high loyalty has all the potential for a great pet. Plus, its high memory makes them easy to train and never show any sign of aggressiveness making a great pet for small families.

Foundation of the breed:

Known to be a descendent of Spiz Samoyed was bread for smaller size in 18th century as small size breed become a trend in 19th century Pomeranian gain popularity. Famous for being Queen Victoria’s favorite pet showed them in Dog show and gain first prize. In Germany Pomeranian is divided into 5 classes deepening on their size; wolf spitz, Cross Spiz, Krain Spiz, Tuberk Spiz. Pomeranian is known to classify as Krain Spiz but currently it is considered as a breed on its own

Standard Looks of the Breed:

Depth of the body and the length ratio 1:1

Head(Skull): the back of the head is the most widest of the skull and its gets narrower as it comes towards the nose without
Head(Face): the nose is small and round usually the color is black but if the Pomeranian has brown fur the nose could be dark brown. Muzzle is not long but makes a good proportion with the head about 2:4. Lips should not be wrinkled most are black but occasionally brown depending on the fur color. Upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw so the top teeth cover the lower teeth. Pomeranian’s cheeks should be round and not be stick out. The ears should be pointy and close to each other should be small and located on the top of the head.

Neck: Medium length and arched back and should be covered with a lot of fur forming a furry scarf.

Body: The body, starting from the point of the ears makes a smooth curve until the back which is short and stiff its the fur which makes it look round and fluffy. The shoulder is high and short and leads to the strong back wich have a short curve and wide. The hips are wide and has no slopes. The deep shape of the check is wide and well developed. The belly goes a little upwards toward the tail.

Tail: tall and medium sized. The tail is face forward towards the head laid across the back.

Legs(front): Because of the well developed wide chest the legs are well laid back and strong. The legs is perfectly straight except for the well arched foot which makes a bow like round curve

Legs(back): Back legs are very muscular also straight no curves also covered with a lot of fur. The knees are strong so when they walk the do not curve but walk in a straight line just like the front legs their feet is clutched and well curved.

Color: Black Brown White Orange Gray cream mixed etc!
Pomeranian has various coat colors.

Weight: The “STANDARD” weight is 1.8~2.4kg(3.9lb~5.3lb)


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