All about Maltese, Dog show Standard Information [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

Maltese Breed Standard

Maltese is beloved pure white dog breed. Maltese have a loving heart and high intelligence; we can’t leave out its playful nature. No wonder Maltese is so loved.

Founding of the breed:

Maltese was named after the island it was found; Malta Island, which located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea below Italy. Maltese was used as a rat hunter on boats. These breed sailed across Mediterranean Sea (how cool is that?). The breed was brought over to Europe around 384~322 and was the most beloved dog among loyal family. No wonder where their dignity comes from.

Standard Looks of Maltese

Head (Skull): Muzzle is longer than the skull. Overall oval shaped the top part of the skull is flat. There is a 90degree angle between the muzzle and the forehead.

Head (face): Nose is big and is always black. Muzzle length is about 20% of the head overall size the muzzle should be straight forward not upwards or downwards. Lips should ALWAYS be black and when faced forward the upper jaw should be arched and overlap the lower jaw. Jaw should be light no heavy like bulldogs. Eyes are round and a little bulged. Eyes are either dark brown or black and should have those black eye lines. Eyes should be just below the forehead. Eyes should be triangle and located side of the skull

Neck: should have a lot of fur covered and the near the skull should be arched and its half the size of the body length.

Body: Back should be straight. Shoulders located bit higher than the back. Bottom should be wide and a little 10degrees downwards from the back.

Tail: Tail is parallel with the back and thinner as it goes toward the end. The tail length is about 60% of the body.

Legs (front): The shoulders are 1/3 length of the body and 60~60 degree below the horizon. Elbows are straight not curved. Feet are found and the toes are tightly clutched and arched. Nails should always be dark colored.
Leg (Back): Strong and parallel and straight. Knees are naturally curved. When walking it looks like it sliding down the floor and has very short and fast toe step.

Color: White but Ivory is also acceptable.

Weight: the ‘STANDARD’ weight is 2~3kg(4.4lb~6.6lb)


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