All about Chihuahua, Dog Show Standard Infomation (long/smooth) [My Teacup Story / Teacup puppies for sale]

Chihuahua Dog Show Standard Infomation (long/smooth)

Chihuahua is considered to be most pure out of all the dog breeds. Their active and brave personality is also fun to be around with. Also, we can’t leave out their intelligence which makes them easy to train. All this take part in making Chihuahua one of most well known breed around the globe.

Founding of the breed:

Found in Mexico their name is after the biggest province of Mexico. Already breaded as pet in Tolteca ancient civilization the small statues found in the ruins look much alike to Chihuahua in today world.

Standard Look of the breed:

Head(skull): Round and looks like a apple aka ‘Apple Head’. The forehead is stick out and so does it’s muzzle making a deep angle between
Head(face): Nose can be any color but it should be short and angle a little upwards. Muzzle look short faced front and it get slimmer as it reach the nose, kinda like a triangle. Chihuahua as very developed cheek and lips should cling to the mouth. Teeth is either scissors bit (The upper molars are positioned outward or the lower molars are positioned inward. When the mouth is closed the molars miss each other) or edge to edge occlusion (An occlusion in which the anterior teeth of both jaws meet along their incisal edges when the teeth are in centric occlusion). Eyes are big and round and NEVER bulging out(if they are they are mixed with pug) Ears are widely spread out it a little round and wide from where ears start and gradually get small as it reach the tip when resting it might slightly lean to the side about 45degree

Neck: With arched toward the head and not so long. Male’s neck is thicker than Female and has no hanging skin if long haired bit of furry scarf is appropriate.

Body: Very muscular on the back ad has strength overall. The body is horizontal and short, never long, and has wide chest (Never a wine cup shaped). The belly is not hanging but tight.

Tail: tall and gets thinner as it get toward the tip. When walking it should curve toward the waist, but it should still held high

Legs (front): Legs are straight NEVER CURVED
Legs(back): very muscular and has long bones and parallel if you see the tendons there is a good amount of space from the bones.

Feet: Small and oval shaped. Some has wolf feet, in some countries these must be cut off.

Fur: There are two kinds Smooth Haired and Long Haired.
Smooth haired are short in length and lean toward the skin around the neck and tail the length can be bit longer but shorter around the ears.
Long Haired is thin and very soft and sleek; some even have a bit of wave

Color: All type of colors is acceptable.

Weight: the ‘STANDARD’ weight is 1.5~3kg(3.3lb~6.6lb)


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